In my studio, I use Faber's Piano Adventures as my primary curriculum. I love this curriculum's pre-notational reading, emphasis on musicality, incorparation of music theory, and many, many other attributes. After your free trial lesson, I will typically start my students with both a lesson and a theory book. You can purchase these for roughly $20 total on either Amazon, Faber's website, or at many local music stores. For more information, please see Faber's Website.

A curriculum, especially one like Faber's Piano Adventures, is a fun way to learn necessary concepts. However, one of the main joys of learning piano is playing music you know and love. When students choose their own pieces, they learn faster and enjoy piano more. Working with students on pieces they have chosen is one of my favorite parts of teaching piano. Here are a few examples of student chosen pieces I have used in lessons: music from Five Nights at Freddy's, Taylor Swift's Champagne Problems, Debussy's Claire De Lune, and video game music from The Legend of Zelda. I am open to any song as long as it is appropriate and roughly at the student's skill level!

To help find sheet music for student chosen pieces, I have a subscription to Musescore. On Musescore, I can find many arrangements of modern music from a huge library of scores. While some of these scores are not professional, my masters in composition gives me the ability to proof and edit these quickly. I can then send you a free pdf of that arrangement. If you or your student has a specific piece you want to play, please let me know! If you want to play a piece not on Musescore, I will do my best to find a free arrangement for you!