Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I practice?

I generally recommend practicing 4 times a week. If time allows, practicing 5 times a week is an excellent goal. Students should practice for roughly 30 minutes total "per day" but, whenever possible, that 30 minutes should be broken into 15 minute sessions. Studies and personal experience have shown that these "mini" sessions are more enjoyable and promote faster growth.

Can I leave my child at lesson while I stay in my car/run errands?

People 12 and up are fine to stay unattended in my waiting room or in lesson. The building is locked by passcode, so only my students and the students/parents of other music studios are allowed in the building.

Can I have food or drinks in the waiting room?

Drinks are welcome, but I prefer no food in my waiting room.

What type of piano do I need for lessons?

This question would be much better answered in person, but generally any piano with weighted keys is a good option for home use. Acoustic pianos are better but there are many affordable electronic pianos with weighted keys. The "weight" of the key is what allows for dynamics so the cheapest electronic options that have little to no weight make dynamic expression impossible.

Nationwide many people are getting rid of good acoustic pianos that would only need a tune to get back into working condition. While you should always check if each key plays well, pianos are often found free or for very cheap on FB marketplace. A used acoustic piano could be your cheapest and best sounding option if you have a way to move it. However! Electronic pianos have a few advantages over acoustic pianos. They never need tuning. They are much easier to move. They can be cheaper than a very nice acoustic piano.

Your question wasn't answered here?

Please ask in lesson, email, or text 405 778 3425!